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The D-and F-Block Elements

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Transition Metals When we look at the periodic table, we find that the transition metals occupy a large space in the table. They have a fascinating ability to show wide variety of colours, and extraordinary electrical & magnetic properties. However, recollecting and remembering all of them is not possible. So, we have handpicked the best source on the internet to help you prepare well. Go on! Watch the video.
Transition metals and their properties | Matter | Chemistry | FuseSchool
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Oxides of first Transition Elements Transition elements oxides of first transition series are the most interesting class of solids exhibiting variety of structures and property. These materials can have unusual and useful electronic and magnetic properties. Let's know more about them with the help of a video.
Some Important Compounds of Transition Elements
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Interstitial Compounds Want to understand the formation of interstitial compounds? This video explains it in an easy way in under a minute:
Formation of Interstitial Compounds
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