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The D-and F-Block Elements

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The d-block and f-block metals have wide range of uses.
Let's explore them
Transition Metals as Catalyst
A catalyst is a chemical that speeds up chemical reactions.
With the help of catalyst, reactions that take a long time can be completed in fractions of seconds.
And a lot of credit goes to transition metals for this.
The ability of transition metals to be in a variety of oxidation states, the ability to interchange between the oxidation states and the ability to form complexes with the reagents and be a good source for electrons make transition metals good catalysts.
Here's some important reactions that are catalyzed by Transition Metals
Lanthanides Around Us
Lanthanides are the rare earth elements with wide range of uses.
So let's check out a few of them
Yttrium is widely used in the form of its oxide, Yttrium oxide.
It finds a number of applications such as imparting colour to the television picture tubes. Also used in making of plasma and flat panel displays.
They are also used as additives in the coatings used in high-temperature applications, paints and plastics for guarding against UV degradation and also in making permanent magnets.
Another interesting element with some interesting use, Praseodymium.
It is used in high-intensity permanent magnets that are suitable for electric generators, motors of wind turbines and hybrid cars.
It is used for the manufacture of special yellow glass goggles of glass welders and blowers.
Lanthanides are known for their magnetic property.
Here's a video that will amaze you with the immense magnetic potential that lanthanides have.
Unusual lanthanide complex
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Uses of Actinides There are 15 elements that are the part of actinide series. The actinides are valuable primarily because they are radioactive. These elements can be used as energy sources for applications as varied as cardiac pacemakers and generation of electrical energy for instruments on the moon. Uranium and plutonium have been employed in nuclear weapons and in nuclear power plants.   Explore the uses of actinides with the help of this video
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