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The Living World

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The Life Processes
Life processes are the series of actions that are essential for a living being to sustain. These properties are common to all living organisms living on the planet. Let us see which all are these life processes.
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Taxonomy is the science of naming, classifying and describing all living beings on the planet. The system of taxonomic classification began long time back. Let us take a look at an overview of taxonomy.
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Binomial Nomenclature Helps Identifying An Organism Better
The same organism can be called different names based on the locality. When going from one place to another, the name of the organism varies. This name is called the local name or vernacular name. Since an organism can be called by different names in different places, studying the organism on a global scale becomes difficult. Hence, each organism is given a scientific name, composed of its genus name and species name. This helps to identify the particular organism uniformly across the world. This method of naming is called 'binomial nomenclature'and it works on the basis of a set of defined rules. The given video provides an insight into the significance and process of binomial nomenclature.
How to write Scientific Names | Binomial Nomenclature
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