Common Misconceptions
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The Living World

- Clear the fog of misconceptions and get a clarity of concepts.
Domain Stands Higher in Hierarchy over Kingdom.
It is often thought that in the hierarchy of classification, Kingdom is the highest, but in reality, Domain is higher. According to the current system of classification, the tree of life consists of three domains Archaea, Bacteria, and Eukarya. The kingdoms are categorized within these three domains.
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Seeds and Eggs ARE Living Things
When we observe seeds and eggs, we can observe that they are not self sustaining and are immobile. According to the definition of a living substance, they do not show various characteristics which categorize them as living. But they are actually living things. They contain a living embryo, which will mature to form a new living organism and hence they cannot be classified as non-living materials.
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Both Division and Phylum Comprise the Second Taxonomic Category
Sometimes people argue whether the second taxonomic category is phylum or division. The answer to this question is simple. Both occupy the second position in the hierarchy of classification; phylum is the second taxonomic category in animal classification while division is the second taxonomic category in plant classification. Division is also often used in the case of fungi and protists. A phylum is said to be more precise as compared to division.
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Taxonomy is Old, But Not Out of Date.
Yes, taxonomy is an old system of classification. It is in existence from the period of scholars such as Aristotle. But it is important as it tells us about the slow but steady discoveries being made in the field of classifying organisms. Hence, we can say that taxonomy might be an old science, but is still relevant.
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The Domain Eukarya Only Contain Large Organisms like Plants and Animals
According to the classification system, the living world was classified into three domains, Archaea, Eukarya and Bacteria. According to this classification, it is a common misconception that all multicellular organisms are included in Eukarya. But this is wrong. Eukarya also contains single cellular organisms such as members of Kingdom Protista. They are placed in this domain because they have presence of eukaryotic cells.
The Three Domains of Life -Bacteria-Archaea-Eukarya
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