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The Living World

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The Characteristics of Being Alive!
Life is characterized by various characteristics. There are some characteristics which are only applicable for living beings. They are:
  1. Movement
  2. Respiration
  3. Sensation
  4. Growth
  5. Reproduction
  6. Excretion
  7. Nutrition
To remember these characteristics, a mnemonic can be used. Just imagine your biology teacher, named MRS GREN.
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Sequence of Taxonomic Categories
Taxonomy allows us to classify organisms based on their characteristics. According to various similarities and dissimilarities, each organism is classified into various taxonomic groups. It is important to study each of the taxonomic groups in the proper sequence. The given mnemonic device will help in remembering the taxonomic categories in their required sequence.
Definitely Keep Pond Clean Or Froggy Gets Sick
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Writing Scientific Names
When writing the scientific name of an organism, we follow a certain set of rules such as:
  1. Writing the names in Latin
  2. Writing the whole name in italics
  3. Writing the first letter of genus in uppercase.
  4. Writing the rest of the name, with first letter of species in lowercase.
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Trick to Remember Scientific Names
Scientific name of an organism is a universal name for the particular organism and there are certain rules to write the names. It is important to remember the scientific names of a few organisms, at least the common ones.
Mango is a commonly found fruit. Its scientific name is Mangifera indica. To remember that, think of the popular mobile phone brand, MI, where the letters M stands for Mangifera and I for indica.
(If you are a cricket fan, think of MI - Mumbai Indians instead).
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