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Real Life Applications
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The Living World

- Do you want to know how the things you study are applied in the real world. Let's explore.
Using Keys to Identify an Organism (An Animal)
As we learned, keys are a taxonomic aid used to identify an organism using contrasting pair of characteristics. This is a really helpful and a popular method to identify the organisms. In this video, let us observe how we can identify an animal using dichotomous keys.
Using Dichotomous Keys
3 mins
Using Keys to Identify an Organism (A Plant)
Dichotomous keys can also be used to identify plants. Let us take a look at how these can be used in real life.
Dichotomous Key Reading
4 mins
Binomial Nomenclature Helps Identifying An Organism Better
When we move from one place to another, the name of the organism could also change. India is a country which has numerous languages and lifestyles. When going from one place to another, what we call a certain animal is also different (For example, in our country, dog can be called kutta, naaya, patti, etc based on the locality and language). Although the common name is dog, we change it based on our locality. Because of this, studying the organism in a scientific scale becomes difficult. Hence each organism is given a scientific name, composed of it's genus and species, which helps identify the living organism across the world. This method of naming is called 'binomial nomenclature' and it works on the basis of a set of defined rules.
Binomial Nomenclature
6 mins
Botanical Gardens as Taxonomic Aids
Botanical gardens are vast spaces of land, where the living plant specimens are collected and exhibited. They have local flora and visiting them helps us understand the types and properties of plants in that area. They also provide seeds and materials for research and act as a method of ex-situ conservation of plants. Apart from all these, they help us refresh our minds and spend quality time with our family and friends.
Singapore Botanic Gardens Learning Forest | An NParks Virtual Tour
4 mins
Zoological Parks as Taxonomic Aids
These are parks where wild animals are kept in a protective environment. They contain not just local, but also animals from various parts of the world. They help us learn about the lifestyle of various animals across the globe. They help in the breeding process of animals who were unable to do that in the wild and they helps keeping the decrease in the number of animals checked. Just like botanical gardens, they are also a good place for recreation.
Visiting the San Diego Zoo | Best Zoo in the WORLD!
6 mins