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Some P-Block Elements

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Bucky Balls
Spherical fullerenes are known as bucky balls as they looks like soccer balls. Since the structure is similar to the geodesic domes(having pentagonal and hexagonal patterns) designed by American Architect, Robert Buckminster Fuller, it was named Buckminsterfullerene.
To know more about bucky balls watch this video!
Buckyball: Tiny Carbon Soccer Balls
5 mins
Silicones are group of organosilicon polymers with as the repeating unit. These may be linear, cyclic, or cross-linked. Silicones have very high thermal stability and are called high temperature polymers.
Let's explore more about their structure and uses in this video.
What are Silicones?: Structure and Uses
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Cyclic and Chain Silicates
Silicates are the compounds of silicon and oxygen. The basic builing unit of all silicates is the tetrahedral ion. The different types of silicates such as cyclic, chain, sheet are formed when silicate units are linked together.
Let's check this excellent video by Byju's to understand the topic.
Cyclic and Chain Silicates | CHEMISTRY | JEE | Concept of the Day | Kartikey Sir
12 mins