Memorization tricks
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Some P-Block Elements

- Let us learn memorising thing it in some easy ways.
Remembering Group 13 and 14 Elements
There are so many elements in the periodic table and we often forget or get confused. So, here is an easy way to memorise the Group 13 and Group 14 elements.
If you remember the simple idiom "Bag it"then you will never forget the elements in Group 13.
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On the other hand, Group 14 can be remembered by very simple mnemonic.
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General Trends of Melting Points of Group 13
There are many trends to remember in the periodic table and sometimes it gets difficult. If there is an exception then it gets more tricky.
One such is the trend in melting point. To remember the trend, first arrange the elements in the order in which they are present in the group:
B, Al, Ga, In, Tl. Next, switch the places of Ga and Tl - and you get the correct order of the melting point.
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Types of Silicates
There are different types of silicates and remembering them is important. Here's a video that will help you memorise easily.
Funny Tricks to remember Types of Silicates - trick to remember
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