Common misconceptions
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Wave Optics

- What you are getting from a statement might not be necessarily true. Let's burst some of the common misconceptions
Are Two different sources of waves never coherent?
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Does optical path length always equal to geometric path length?
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Do all intensities observe on the screen in single-slit diffraction patterns same?
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Is diffraction patterns occur even when light hits relatively wide slits?
No! Diffraction only takes place when width of slit would be in order of wavelength of incident light (I.e.)
When slit width is wider (I.e.), the incident wave move linearly without any deviation.
As we know, the Location of first minima from central maxima in YDSE . decrease with increment of when d become wider (assume d ), comes in order of that is very small. Hence increment in d with will be negligible so you can say, light doest deviate from its own path.
Hence, diffraction only observe on-screen when slit width is nearly equal to the wavelength of the incident wave.