19th Century Globalisation : Technology

We all know the importance of technology

Without technology day to day activities are impossible.

From waking up using alarm clock to sleeping at night by switching off light. It’s all technology!

The development of technology took place rapidly after Industrialisation.

New technology was given importance.Lots of investments were done.

Colonialisation helped with technology

As people went to far away lands during this period they took new ideas along with them.

New investments and development of the railways and transport in general was done.

The main aim was to transport goods as fast as possible.

They wanted their transport to be light in weight as well. This would lead to faster travelling.

Transporting meat was difficult.

Till 1870s meat was transported live, as in the animals were transported live and then slaughtered (cut and cleaned).

This led to a lot of problems.

Live animals took up a lot of space. Also many of them couldn’t survive the long travel.

Many got sick or diseased. This meant that they were not fit for consumption.

Meat became an expensive luxury for people. The poor Europeans couldn’t have it.

Production and demand of meat were quite low till new technology arrived.

The invention of refrigerated ships made it possible to take meat across long distances

Now animals were cut at the starting point of the ship and then transported in ships.

They imported meat from America, New Zealand or Australia.

The cost of shipping reduced, which in turn reduced meat prices in the market.

The poor in the Europe had a more variety of diet to enjoy now.

Better living conditions came to Europe.

With the betterment in diet, people could now have better living conditions.

Now the poor people could eat meat , butter and eggs instead of the same bread and potato.

This also led to better situation of peace under the European rule

In the end technology was of great importance in the 19th century.

The End.