Adding and Subtracting Decimals

To do this let us convert grams in to kilograms using decimals

Rahul bought 4 kgs 90 grams of apples,

We know 1 gram can be written as shown,

Weight of apples is 4 kgs 90 grams, converting 90 grams into kgs is as shown,

Therefore, Weight of apples in kgs is as shown,

Also, Rahul bought 2 kgs 60 grams of Grapes

Converting 60 grams into kgs is as shown,

Therefore,2 kgs 60 grams in Kgs is above,

Rahul also bought 5 kgs 300 grams of Mangoes

Converting 300 grams into Kgs,

Weight of mangoes in Kgs is as shown,

Therefore, total fruits bought by Rahul is found as shown,

To add let us write the numbers in the place value chart shown

The numbers can be written in the place value chart as shown

On adding the weights we get the total weight of fruits as 11.45 kg

Example 2

First let us convert metres into kilometres.

We know that 1 metre in kilometres is as shown,

Converting 50 m into kms as shown,

Namitha travells 20.050 km every day,

Out of this she travels 10 km 200 m by bus converting 200 m into km os as shown,

Therefore, distance that she travelled by bus in kms is as shown,

Distance travelled by auto is found as shown,

Therefore, distance travelled by auto is 9.85 km or 9 km 85 m


In this session we have solved word problems on adding and subtracting decimals.

The End