Amendment in constitution

We need some change in our life

Changes in the way we present ourselves or developing our skills, taking a course or changing our routine .

These changes in our lifestyle are necessary, as it is a course of human development.

Similarly, in our Constitution we require changes as the nation develops and grows.

These changes in constitution are known as Amendments.

Our Constitution is the lengthiest Constitution in the world.

It is also a written constitution.

In our constitution itself, it is mentioned that it grants constituent power to make formal amendments .

This is mentioned in Article 368 of the Indian Constitution.

The process of getting Amended anything in the Constitution is of three steps.

1> Through a bill introduced in the Parliament.

The bill says that an Amendment need to be made in our Constitution.

This bill can be initiated by either Lok Sabha or Rajya Sabha or both.

2> The next process is that 50% majority of the parliament has to sign that bill.

And two-third of the majority present also have to sign the bill.

This is required for the process of amendment in Constitution.

3> Once this is done the signature of the President is required on the bill.

Once this all happens the bill becomes an act and the act brings an Amendment.

Apart from this, there are 3 ways that can bring Amendment in our Constitution.

Amendments can be made in 3 ways.

1> Simple Majority is the first way for amendment.

This is when there is both the Houses of Parliament- Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha.

When they sit together, only 50% majority is required and the bill gets passed, this is called simple majority.

2> Special Majority is the second way for Amendment.

It means 50% need to sign and 2/3rd present majority in Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha is required.

3> The last way is having Parliament and State Legislature signatures.

The Parliament has to sign the bill for changing laws or Acts in the Constitution.

Also the State Legislature has to sign the bill for the changes or Amendments .

As time changes and situations of countries change, we need to make sure that the laws do too.

Sometimes the old laws may not be fulfilling the objectives of democracy in a changed situation.

Thus, laws need to be constantly reviewed and checked for any loopholes and changed accordingly.

Thus, the provision for Amendments has made it easier for adapting to these changes.

The End.