Application of Spherical Mirrors

Optics is the branch of science that explains the phenomena concerning lights

It explains how the rainbow is formed in the sky after rains

It explains how the sky looks blue to us during day

It even explains the picture of ourselves that we see in the mirror

So, as we have seen optics deals with a lot of things around us that we use daily

We have made many devices by studying the properties of light

Spectacles are made by humans for person with defect eyes

The Telescope is invented by humans to see far off objects

We have invented The Periscope to see things above water from a submarine

One of the most important properties of light is Reflection

We use different kind of mirrors which works on the property of Reflection of light

For most of our daily applications we use plane mirrors

One is the plane mirror in which one side is reflecting while the other side is polished

It forms a virtually erect image of the object placed infront of it

We use plane mirrors for seeing our reflection

Apart from plane mirrors, we have two different kinds of mirrors

Another one is the concave mirror in which inner side is reflecting and the outer side is polished

And the last one is the convex mirror in which the outer side is reflecting and the inner side is polished

Concave mirror and convex mirrors are also called as spherical mirrors because they are the part of a sphere

Let's see the application of Concave Mirrors

In medical field, the concave mirrors are used by dentists to see the defect in teeth

But let's see why do they use only concave mirror and not any other mirror

We know the ray of light coming from infinity in a concave mirror meet at the focus

The ray of light coming from the bulb in the room is focused at the place of infection

The shaving mirrors use a concave mirror to provide a clear and enlarged image of an object

We use a concave mirror because the image produced by it when the object is placed between Focus and Optical Centre is erect and enlarged

Thus in order to get a magnified image, we should place our face such that it lies between Pole and Focus of the mirror

Concave mirrors are also used as a reflector in the headlights of various vehicles or torches

We know a ray of light passing through the focus of the concave mirror will become parallel to the principal axis

The bulb or the source of light is placed at the focus of the reflector such that we get a beam of light after reflection

Now let's see some of the applications of a convex mirror

We use convex mirrors as reflectors in streets

Convex mirror forms a virtual, erect and diminished image of the object placed in front of it

So, to get a wider view of the streets we use a convex mirror

The most common use of a convex mirror is Rearview mirror in vehicles

The image formed by the convex mirror is virtual, erect and diminished

But the plane mirror forms the same erect image then let's see why do we use a convex mirror

The reason behind the use of a convex mirror is the larger area of view that it covers


We use concave mirrors in: (1) Dentist's Head Mirror (2) Shaving Mirror (3) Reflector in headlights

We use convex mirrors in: (1) Reflectors in Street (2) Rearview mirror in vehicles

The End