Application of Trapped Air as Insulator

During winters we wear woollen clothes

In winter, we prefer to wear woollen clothes over cotton clothes. This is because woollen clothes protect us from very cold weather.

Woollen Clothes keeps us warm in spite of how cold the weather is

Let us now understand, what makes woollen clothes so special.

Actually both Woollen and Cotton Clothes are bad conductors of heat. Although Wool is really a great insulator when compared to cotton.

But We feel warm only in woollen clothes because they have tiny air pockets in them.

These air pockets trap air in them and keep it circulating

Just like wool, air is also a bad conductor of heat. So the trapped air in the wool locks the heat and won't let it escape from our body.

So this is how woollen clothes don't let the heat escape from our body and keep us warm.

Now let’s discuss air as an insulator.

So we have understood that Air space or trapped air acts as a great insulator of heat.

This is why trapped air and air cavities are used as heat insulation in buildings.

The air trapped in between the two layers is a poor conductor of heat. So it acts as a barrier and won't let the heat escape from the interiors of a house.

This concept of air cavity as a great insulator can be used very effectively in winters.

In winters, it is warmer if we use two thin blankets, instead of one thick blanket

This is because two thin blankets have a layer of warmer air trapped between them which does not happen with a thick blanket.

This layer of trapped air is a great insulator and keep us warmer when compared to a thick blanket.

So we can say that Air insulation, has many prominent purposes in our everyday life.


Air is a bad conductor of heat. It locks and prevents the heat from escaping to the surroundings, thus keeping us warm.

The End