Applications of neutralization

Acids and bases react with each other in a reaction known as neutralisation reaction.

This is a neutralisation reaction between hydrochloric acid and sodium hydroxide using phenolphthalein indicator.

Neutralisation reactions are however not just limited to laboratories.

They are extremely important in our day to day life.

Neutralisation reactions are a cure to acidity in stomach.

The inside of our stomach is acidic in nature. And this is considered normal.

But at times consumption of certain food increases the amount of hydrochloric acid to an uncomfortable level.

Causing pain and uneasiness in stomach.

In such a case we need a base to neutralise the excess acid.

One such commonly used base is milk of magnesia. It neutralizes the excessive acid providing us with relief.

Neutralisation reactions provide us relief in the event of an ant bite.

When an ant stings it releases a weak acid called methanoic acid into the skin. This causes immense pain.

A common remedy is to rub baking soda over the affected area which neutralizes the effect of the acid.

Another remedy is to apply Calamine lotion, which contains zinc carbonate.

Similar logic can be applied in the case of wasp sting.

Wasp sting is alkaline in nature, hence an acid is required to neutralize it.

A mild acid such as Vinegar (Ethanoic acid) is mostly used as a cure.

Neutralization reactions can also help in the proper growth of plants.

Excessive use of chemicals and fertilisers can make the soil either too acidic or too basic.

Most plants cannot tolerate this condition. And so we need to neutralise the soil.

Acidic soil can mostly be neutralized with bases like quick lime and slaked lime.

While basic soil can be treated by rotting vegetables or leaves.

Rotting plant matter in turn releases acids, which can neutralise the excessive basic nature of soil.

Neutralisation reactions also play an important role in the treatment of chemical tastes.

Most chemical wastes released by industries are acidic in nature

If the acidic waste is not treated before it is released into water bodies it can harm the aquatic life.

So, these acidic wastes should be neutralized using appropriate bases before releasing them into the water bodies.


Neutralization is the process in which acid and base react to form salt and water

Neutralization has many real life applications

Acidity is caused by the presence of excess acid in the stomach can be cured by consuming a base like milk of magnesia.

The sting of an ant bite can be cured by applying a mild base over it

Chemical wastes released from the factories is acidic. It is treated by a base before it is released into the water bodies.

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