Baking Soda

You must be familiar with baking soda because it is found almost in every house.

We use it in baking fluffy cakes.

It is used to relieve acidity.

and has many more uses.

Baking soda known as sodium hydrogen carbonate NaHCO₃ or sodium bicarbonate in chemistry.

Now let us see how baking soda is made or prepared.

It is made from , , and .

When these are combined, sodium bicarbonate along with ammonium chloride is formed.

Then, the baking soda or sodium bicarbonate is separated from ammonium chloride through some processes.

Let us now see the uses of baking soda

Baking soda is used in making food crispy and fluffy.

When the food is heated the decomposes to form , water and .

And because of this release the food becomes crispy and fluffy.

It is also used as an antacid because it is a mild non-corrosive base which reduced acidity

Baking soda is used used in soda acid fire extinguisher bottles.

In these bottles we have a solution of baking soda and in a test tube we have an acid called sulphuric acid.

When the knob of the bottle is opened the acid and the soda mix together and provides salt, water and carbon dioxide and we see brisk effervescence.

When the acid and soda mixes is evolved and release from the bottle and extinguishes fire.

It is also used to make baking powder.


Baking soda is known as sodium hydrogen carbonate or sodium bicarbonate.

It is prepared from sodium chloride, water, carbon dioxide and ammonia.

It is used in making the food crisp and fluffy, as an antacid, in soda acid fire extinguisher and to make baking powder.

The End