Biodiversity Hotspots

Let’s Know What is Biodiversity Hotspot.

This story is about Simba, A Lion Tailed Macaque.

Simba lives in Western Ghats of India.

And all his family members live there together. So, it’s their only home.

It is spread in Maharashtra, Goa, Kerala, Karnataka.

As they are only found in the Western Ghats (Particular Region), therefore comes under Endemic Species.

Endemic Species are those animals and plants which are found in particular region, country, area.

As they are adapted to that environment so they live at that place only.

And Biodiversity hotspots are regions with a high number of Endemic Species of Flora and Fauna.

India has 3 and they are the Western Ghats, Indo-Burma region and Eastern Himalayas.

Indo-Burma in tropical Asia is important hotspot on the planet.

Let’s know about past Life of Simba..

Simba, his siblings, and his friends used to live together and enjoys the nature.

Simba’s best friend was Noddy, A Nilgiri Tahr.

They were so happy but they did’t know that one day they have to separate from each other.

Due to deforestation, Noddy lost his home.

Noddy with his parents settled in a new nearby place.

Simba and his family is in danger at present.

When Simba grew up, he started noticing many things happening in the forest.

He noticed that the size of the forest is decreasing as humans are invading.

Many of his relatives also moved to other places because of human activities.

Simba’s parents had to travel far because they were not able to get proper food.

Because of deforestation, their main source of food was also decreasing.

Simba meets Noddy after long time.

When Simba was worried about this act of humans, he went to meet his best friend Noddy.

Simba also noticed that the population of animals in the forest is also decreasing day by day.

Simba, Noddy, and his few more friends gathered around and started living together.

Simba, Noddy and many like them have survived anyhow.

But their species were decreasing because of many human factors.

Let’s explore some factors which are affecting Their lives.

Not only animals, plants and trees are also suffering.

The natural ecosystem is destroying because of growing chosen crops by farmers.

The natural habitat of animals is degrading because of this act.

Poaching of animals for many purposes.

Removing sand from riverbeds causes soil erosion and floods.

Importance of Flora and Fauna

India is a Mega Diversity Nation.

Already documented over 91,000 Species of animals, 45,500 Species of Plants.

Among which 6,500 native plants are used for medical purposes.

12 Endangered and Endemic species of wilds animals are in India.


Endemic Species are particular species only found in particular regions, especially in tropical regions.

Hotspots are regions rich in biodiversity (Flora and Fauna).

Many species are in danger because of human activities for their own need.

Due to which many species are in danger and many of them became extinct.

Not only the Western Ghats, but Himalaya, Indo- Burma are also important Hotspots.

The End