Bleaching Powder

Bleaching powder is a chemical used to whiten or remove the natural colour of fibres and papers.

It can also be used as a disinfectant because of its anti microbial properties.

The chemical name of bleaching powder is calcium oxychloride.

It's formula is .

Bleaching powder is prepared by the action of chlorine on slaked lime.

Slaked lime is used in powdered form to increase the absorption of chlorine.

Water produced in the reaction is removed to obtain bleaching powder in the solid form.

Once prepared, we can use it to bleach or whiten clothes.

We can do so by dissolving the powder in slightly acidic water, in which it produces chlorine gas.

This gas in turn is responsible for bleaching or whitening the clothes.

Even though chlorine gas is responsible for bleaching action, we do not use it directly.

This is because chlorine exists in the gaseous state, and is thus difficult to contain, store and transport.

On a larger scale, cotton and linen are bleached in textile industries.

Further wood pulp, used to make paper can also be bleached. On bleaching it appears lighter and brighter

Other than bleaching it is used in many industries as an oxidising agent.

It is also used in disinfecting drinking water.

This makes the water free of germs.


Bleaching powder is called calcium oxychloride . It forms when slaked lime reacts with chlorine gas

Bleaching powder is prepared by the action of chlorine on slaked lime.

It can be used to bleach paper, clothes white.

It is also used as a disinfectant and an oxidising agent.

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