Capacitance and Capacitor

We often store things to use it later

Like this water jar

Or a jar of pulses

Similarly we can store electrical energy too

Capacitor is a device that stores energy in the form of electric charge

A capacitor consists of two electrical conductors or metallic plates separated by a dielectric medium

And are used in most of electronic devices where they provide sudden burst of energy on demand

We always need to quantify the stored energy

For example we quantify water stored in a bottle

Likewise to quantify capacitors we use a concept called capacitance

Capacitance is the measure of energy storing ability of a capacitor

A capacitor should placed in a power circuit with a given applied voltage(DC/AC)

Farad is the S.I unit of capacitance but it can be measured in units like pico Farad or nano Farad or micro Farad

Now let’s learn some formulas to calculate capacitance

Capacitance is measured by the amount of charge stored the voltage applied

Here , C is Capacitance,Q is charge held on plates and V is voltage

Another way of measuring capacitance would be using distance between plates , area of plates and dielectric constant of the plate

and the formula is


Capacitor is a device , which store electric charge

Capacitance is the measure of capacitor’s ability to store charge and its S.I unit is Farad

keep learning!