Control of air pollution basic

Air pollution is one of the types of pollution.

The air is present in the entire ecosystem.

We cannot imagine our existence without air.

So imagine if this air starts getting polluted.

The main cause of air pollution is smoke releasing from industries, vehicles, factories, etc.

These smokes carry harmful substances such as nitrogen dioxide, sulfur dioxide, carbon monoxide, etc.

These are the poisons that get mixed with air and reduces the pure air.

It leads to various health issues such as breathing problem, fatigue, weak, suffocation, increase in the cough, etc

As this is the serious problems various instruments are made to get rid of air pollution.

Industries are the main source of air pollution.

Due to the daily release of smoke from the industry leading to pollution of the air.

To reduce this pollution various instruments are made.

One of the instruments made is electrostatic precipitator.

The device removes the dust particles from the gas.

Dust particles such as sooth and ash are removed before sending in the environment.

They remove the dust by applying high voltage power.

It has a charged plate present in them.

These charged plates collect the dust particles on them.

Arrestor is the type of electrostatic precipitator.

It helps in separating the contaminated particles.

The particles which pollute the air basically remove them out.

Scrubber is another type of electrostatic precipitator.

It also has the same function as all the above instrument.

They also remove the waste from the gas before releasing to the environment.

This helps to remove the acidic substances from the air.

This prevents the acid rain.

Due to growing seriousness towards the air pollution various act have been introduced.

Due to the growing continuous pollution of the air government of India introduced an act.

It was formed in the year 1981, which include entire India.

The act was named asAir (Prevention and Control of Pollution).

It included conditions such as any gadgets used for consuming or generating any fumes that should be approved by the government.

No person can start the chemicals, gas factories without government permission.

The gas released from the chimney should be checked before release.

The amount of gas released in the environment should be kept in consideration.


The addition of unwanted particles into air is called air pollution.

The main causes of air pollution are untreated smoke from vehicles and industries.

Air pollution can be controlled by using a few simple devices like electrostatic precipitator, Arrestor, Scrubber, etc.

There are acts made by the Indian government to control air pollution and create awareness.

Keep learning.