Conversion of Units of Length

Suppose the residential plots are being measured in your colony.

Some people measure the residential plots in square yards.

And some people measure the plots in square meters.

So different units can be used to measure the same quantity i.e. area in our case.

To understand the exact price of plots in specific area unit, conversion of units is required.

Let’s understand step by step procedure of conversion of unit.

Let us take a square of side cm. We know that cm = mm

So the area of this square is equal to the area of squares each with side length mm.

Further, we write as

Similarly we can convert meter in centimeter as

Let us take another example.

Suppose we are given the above conversion

We know that m is equal to cm

Let us multiply both sides by same quantity

On further simplification, we get

Now, we multiply to both the sides as

Similarly, we can convert the other units as per our requirements.

Let’s perform conversion operation on few other units.

Suppose now we need to convert to

We know that m is equal to cm

Multiplying both the sides by same quantity and dividing by 10, we get

Again let us say we are given to convert into .

We know that feet is equal to yard

Multiplying both sides by same quantity, we get square feet is equal to square yard


Units are the parameters which are used to measure the physical quantities.

we may convert them among them when and where required.

The End