Conversion of Units of Money, Length, and Weight

Two friends were going market.

They went to buy apples.

Ram had .

Ram had .

From the market, they purchased apples for Rs.

But, they did not know that they had enough money to buy the apples or not.

So, they thought to add the amount they had.

And convert the money they had into decimals.

Similarly, they convert rupees and paise in decimals.

And wrote these decimals as to add them.

Let’s see how they write the amount in decimals i.e. convert paise in rupees.

Since, the numbers can be added only if they have the same unit. So, conversion of units is necessary.

Let’s recall these conversions.

Suppose, we have a problem to convert the sum of rupees and paise in rupees.

First, we convert p in rupees.

Then, add Rs and Rs.

So the amount in rupees is .

Just like rupee and paise, there are many other quantities which need to be converted into the same units to add.

Let’s start by discussing how to convert units like cm to mm and mm to cm.

Suppose, we have a number in and and we want to convert the number into .

So, first we convert mm to cm.

Now, we add cm to cm. As

So, the value of in cm is .

Now, let’s discuss how to convert m and cm in m.

Suppose, we have a problem to convert into .

First, we convert cm to . As

Now, we add m and .

Now, let us discuss how to convert km and m in km.

Suppose, we have a problem to convert in .

First, we convert m to .

Now, we add km and km. As

Now let us move onto the conversion of kg in g and g in kg.

Suppose, we have a problem to convert in .

First, we convert to . As

Now, we add kg and kg. As


As to add the numbers, it is necessary that the numbers must be in same unit. So, the conversion of units become important.

We have the conversion of units, using them we can convert different values in different units.

The End