Every matter has finite mass and occupies fixed volume

Let’s try to study two different matters. For example, iron and cotton

If we consider equal mass of iron and cotton, they will occupy different volume

The reason behind this difference can be easily explained

All the substances are made up of large number of molecules

And these molecules are arranged differently within the matter

Cotton molecules are loosely arranged thus occupy more volume.

Whereas, iron molecules are compactly arranged thus occupy lesser volume


Scientifically, density of a substance is its mass per unit volume

Various units are used for measuring density

Density of a substance is its characteristic property at a given physical condition

And it changes with the change in temperature

Density is also used to measure relative number of any objects in a given area (Number Density)

Like density of trees in side A is more than side B

Or the density of cars in parking B is higher than parking A

Above is the Density () formula

Above is the Density Units


Density describes how compact or concentrated a substance is

It is defined as mass of a unit volume of a material substance. Density is the characteristic property of a substance

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