Draw a Number Line for the Whole Numbers

Suppose your brother is fond of geometric constructions.

And one day he makes some construction with geometric tools.

He draws some lines with the help of a geometric tool which he told you is called ruler.

You observe that there are some numbers on that ruler.

So, you ask your brother about these numbers on the scale.

He replied that the numbers on the ruler are used to construct a number line.

And, all the number are equidistant from each other.

You got curious and asked him to tell some more.

Let’s discuss more about the number line.

A line on which numbers are marked at equal intervals in both the direction is called a number line.

Let us discuss how to construct a number line.

We draw a straight line and mark a point on it to represent whole numbers.

Now, from point we mark points , , , , at equal intervals to the right of .

And, the arrow-head on the right side on the number line shows that the numbers can continue up-to infinity.

Now, with the help of number line we can compare two whole numbers.

So, we can easily find out which number is greater or smaller.

And, by observing number line we can say that the number is on the right of .

Hence, is greater than .

Similarly we can observe that, number lies on the left of .

Therefore, is smaller than .

So, we can conclude that out of any two whole numbers, the number on the right of the other number is the greater number.

And, the number on the left of other number is the smaller number.


We can represent whole numbers on the number line as,

The number on the right of other number is the greater number.

And, the number which is on left is smaller number.

The End