Earthquake - A Disaster

Jasma’s experience in 2001 Gujarat Earthquake was terrifying.

Jasma, a school going girl experienced a terrible natural disaster.

On 26 January, in the year 2001, an earthquake struck at 8:46 A.M.

Jasma was at home and was making a paper flag on the occasion of Republic Day.

Suddenly, she felt that the things around her are moving.

It was an earthquake. She, along with her family ran out in search of an open place.

They found an open place and by this time the earthquake had stopped.

The earthquake lasted for just two minutes but it caused a heavy destruction.This made Jasma and her mother very sad.

The happy environment of Republic Day turned into a nightmare.

Jasma saw that every thing had changed after the earthquake.

Many people were injured and needed help.

Her mother was sick and unable to walk properly .

Her house was destroyed.

There was a need of rescue team who could help the needy ones.

In some time, the voluntary groups started helping the people.

The people who were injured were taken to the hospital.

Jasma and her mother was also taken to the nearest health centre.

Rescue team started focussing on the people who were struck beneath the building.

Some people died while running, jumping from the roof etc…, to save themselves.

Government and volunteers helped the homeless people.

Government provided Jasma and her family treatment, food and primary shelter.

Though Jasma and her mother got help but the damage caused by the earthquake was an unforgettable one.They had lost their only home and were left with injuries.

Let’s recap.

Natural disasters like earthquake cause great damage.Many people die and several get injured.

In such situation help given by doctors, policemen, volunteers plays a very important role.