Electrical Symbols - medium

Rohit goes to an electrician's shop.

There he see an electrical device on which various symbol are marked.

Now he asks about the device to the electrician.

The electrician tells him that this device is called multimeter and it is used to measure different electrical quantities.

And the symbol on it represent various quantities that it measures.

Let's help Rohit to understand the various symbol used in electrical circuit.

The symbol represent the voltage which are measured in Volt.

The symbol represent the current and it is measured in ampere.

The symbol represent the resistance of a resistor or device measured in Ohm.

Similarly we use symbols while showing the circuit diagram of connection of various devices

Lets understand the electrical symbols used in circuit diagram.

Suppose we are given a circuit diagram with some symbols as,

Now we will understand each symbol used here in detail.

The lines used here the wire through which all equipment are connected and junction is the point where two or more wires are connected.

The battery is represented by multiple parallel small and large line and a cell by only two lines .

The symbol represents the Voltmeter which measures the voltage and it is connected in parallel to the resistor.

is the symbol of ammeter used to measure current and it is connected in series with the resistor.

The zig-zag lines represents the resistor in the circuit.

The switch is the key that is used to control the flow of current in the circuit.

A closed switch means that the circuit is complete or the current is flowing in the circuit .

An open switch means that the circuit is incomplete or the current is not flowing in the circuit .

The symbol of bulb is a cross mark inside a circle.

Now we can mark all the symbols used in a circuit with their names as.


the different symbols used in a circuit diagram represent a particular device.