Electrostatic, Magnetic and Gravitational force

It is our common experience that we require a force to throw a ball, open a door, kick a ball, and so on.

In this world, we come across a number of forces such as electric and magnetic forces.

Muscular force, frictional force.

Gravitational force etc.

It has been found that all these forces arise from a set of fundamental forces in nature.

The correct concept of force was given by Sir Issac newton.

In nature there are four different types of fundamental forces. and they are as above.

In this story we discuss about Electrostatic, Magnetic and Gravitational force

Electrostatic, Magnetic and Gravitational force

Force is generally applied directly by making a contact with an object.

But surprisingly, indirect or non contact forces exist as well

Like the forces applied by gravity, electricity or due to magnets

Let’s talk about the magnetic force first

Magnets have two poles, North and South

Like poles repel and unlike poles attract

magnetic field around them is responsible for this attraction/force

So, magnets attract magnetic materials within their magnetic field with a force

This force of attraction due to magnets is called Magnetic Force.

Moving to gravitational force now

We all have noticed that everything that we throw up always comes down

Sir Isaac Newton was the first, who observed this while sitting under an apple tree.

So, He stated that this is a force which attracts everything towards earth

And this force of attraction Is Gravitational force

The gravitational force is a force that attracts any two objects with mass.

We call the gravitational force attractive because it always tries to pull masses together, it never pushes them apart.

Let's finally talk about the electrostatic force

We all know, that electricity is all about the flow of charges.

These charges are of two types and are as above.

And they are exactly similar to the two poles of a magnet. like charges repel, opposite charges attract.

And, this force of attraction of electric charges is known as electrostatic force.

We can test the presence of electrostatic force with a simple activity.

On rubbing a balloon, the balloon acquires some negative charge.

Now if this balloon is brought near your head, it will attract your hair.

This shows the presence of a force developed by rubbing the balloon, that is, electrostatic force


Electrostatic, magnetic and gravitational forces are non contact forces.

The force between the electric charges is electrostatic force. The force exerted by the magnets on metallic objects is magnetic force.

The attraction force exerted by the earth on every object is gravitational force.

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