Estimating to nearest Thousand by rounding Off

Suppose, you and your brother are going to market.

And you both have total rupees.

In market, you buy clothes and your brother buys some books.

For clothes, you spend about Rs.

And, your brother who bought books spend rupees.

Then, you ask him how much money is still left.

He answers that we have about rupees left.

Now, you become curious about the calculation done by him.

So, you ask him about it and he replies that he has rounded off to make calculation easier.

Let's see how do we round off the number to nearest thousands.

Let’s consider the numbers from to .

Here, we observe that numbers which are less than are closer to in comparison with .

So, they can be rounded off to

And the numbers to are closer to in comparison with zero.

So, we can round off them to .

And the number is equidistant from both and , but we round it off as .

Suppose, we consider digit number and estimate this number to the nearest thousands by rounding off.

It lies between and on the number line.

But is near about as compared to on the number line.

So, is estimated as by rounding off to thousand place.


Numbers from to are closer to in comparison with so, it is rounded off to .

While,numbers from to are closer to in comparison with so are rounded off to .

The End