Examples of work done by a constant force

Suppose you want to slide a heavy box upto some distance.

So you tie a rope and start pulling it.

You apply a constant force on the box at some angle till you cover some distance ‘x’.

Let us see how much useful work is done by you in moving the box!

Work done by a constant force is given by:

So, work done by you in moving the box:

Now, let’s try to find work done for another case

Assume a pendulum bob is suspended at some angle from the vertical:

The bob moves to its mean position under the influence of gravity:

Let the length of string be ‘L’

Gravitational force is constant thus work done by it can be expressed as:

So, work done is the product of weight of bob and vertical displacement ‘h’.

Now, let’s take another example to understand the concept.

Assume a body moves along the given curve .

The body moves from x=0 to x=2 under a constant force of 10N horizontally.

So, work done by 10N can be calculated as: Force x horizontal displacement

The above cases suggest that according to our convenience we determine work done by:

Let’s revise what we have studied.

Work done can be determined by these formulas based on the situation we encounter

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