Finding the moral of the poem

If you have tried a samosa, you must know that the corners of the outer covering are generally the best bits!

Similarly, the moral or message of a poem is generally the best bit of a poem.

While poems can be fun, they will matter more if you can find the meaning they wish to convey.

Finding the message behind it is important as the poem was written with some purpose.

The message of the poem is the main idea, theme or moral that the poet wants to share.

The poet’s purpose could be to share feelings, tell a story, teach or describe something, be humorous, etc.

There are a few steps that you can remember to help you understand the poem better.

Step 1: Reading the title helps you get an initial idea of what the poem could be about. Let’s look at a poem to understand this better.

The title “A little seed” leads us gently into a poem that tells about what’s possible with a little love and care.

Step 2: Reading the poem silently in your mind first and then reading again loudly helps you to identify the message.

If you read this poem two three times, you will be able to see the love and kindness the poet feels for dogs.

Step 3: Next, you need to identify who the speaker of the poem is i.e. who is narrating the poem.

The famous nursery rhyme actually started as a riddle where the answer is ‘an egg’ but slowly changed to the version we all know.

Step 4: You also have to find out how you or the narrator feels after reading the poem.

Now let’s try to find a poem’s meaning by following the above steps.

The title of the poem “Don’t give up” makes us ready for a poem that’s motivational.

If you read the poem, you will feel that life’s cares are many. But you will also feel charged up to carry on with a smile.

As the poem addresses us directly with “you” or “you’re” we can deduce that the poet is the narrator.

The poet gives us brave and friendly advice and leaves us feeling determined to rise above life’s ups and downs.

“Don’t give up” is a poem that motivates us. It conveys the message that you should keep trying and not give up even when times are tough.

Not all poems have meaning, though. Some are made just for fun and made to rhyme.

Let’s revise!

Identifying the message of a poem is to understand its meaning, theme or main idea.

You can find the poem’s moral or message by following a few simple steps.

That's all folks!