Food for Animals

All of us must have come across a large number of animals.

All the animals that we see do not eat the same type of food as the other.

This is because each animal eats the food as per the needs of its body.

Let us take a look at this in detail.

Dog is a common household animal. It usually eats non-vegetarian food items, but can also eat rice, chapati, etc. Can drink milk too.

Another common household animal is the cat, which eats small animals such as mice, birds, fish, etc. It also drinks milk.

Cows and Buffaloes are animals which provide us with milk. They usually consume grass, hay, oilcakes, grains, etc.

Rat is a common house pest, which eats off stored food and grains in house and damages them.

We might've seen lions and tigers feeding on other animals and even humans. They are meat-loving animals.

If we look carefully at a spiderweb, we can see insects caught in them. Spiders feed on small insects.

Squirrels and chipmunks, which are commonly seen living on trees, mainly feed on the seeds and fruits of trees.

In the case of humans, we choose what we want to eat based on our personal preferences.

By knowing the food of animals, we can learn more about their feeding habits also.

Classifying animals based on feeding habit.

By observing the food eaten by different animals, we can classify the animals into herbivores, carnivores and omnivores.

Herbivores are animals which eat only plants and plant products.

From our list, cows, buffaloes, squirrels, etc. are the animals which can be classified as 'herbivores'.

Carnivores are animals which eat other animals. They don't prefer to eat plants and plant products.

Lion, tiger, spider, wolf, eagle, etc. are examples of carnivores.

Animals that eat both plants and other animal parts are classified as 'omnivores'.

Humans, bears, crows, rats, ants, etc. are examples of omnivores.

Even with the different choices, a large number of people in our country and all over the world are suffering from the unavailability of food.

We should take it as our priority to ensure that food is available to each one of us.


The food consumed by different animals depends on their lifestyle and living conditions.

Animals which feed on plants and plant products are called 'herbivores', while animals that depend on other animals for food, are the 'carnivores'.

Animals like humans, eat both plants as well as animal parts, and are thus considered 'omnivores'.