Guidelines for using Thermometer

While going back to home from school, on his way Aman felt his body temperature above than normal.

So, when he reached home, he asked her mother to check his temperature.

His mother took a thermometer (instrument to measure temperature) out of the box.

But before putting that thermometer in his mouth, she told him about some hygienic practices for using thermometer.

She said as there are so many micro organisms around us, so there must be some bacteria sitting on the tip of thermometer.

So, first we should clean the thermometer with an antiseptic solution.

Then Aman washed the thermometer with the antiseptic solution and put it in his mouth.

And found that his body temperature is .

Then suddenly Aman's brother Vinod came and asked his mother to test his temperature as well.

Aman gave the thermometer to Vinod, and Vinod just cleaned it and was about to put it in his mouth.

When his mother said that "we have to give the thermometer some jerks(twitch) before using it, so that the mercury level falls below ".

And after giving some jerks to the thermometer, Vinod examined his body temperature.

The thermometer showed Vinod's temperature to be .

Now, after checking their temperatures, Aman's mother again washed the thermometer with antiseptic solution.

Then, she told them one more thing to keep in mind that "While reading the thermometer we should keep the level of mercury along the line of sight".

So, that yo can see it properly and check the temperature.


A person should remember some guidelines for using a thermometer.

First "clean the thermometer before using it with an antiseptic solution".

Second "we have to give the thermometer some jerks before using, so the mercury level falls below ".

And third "wash the thermometer after you use it".

The end