Basics Of Heating Effect Of Electric Current.

In these modern days, we use electric cooker to cook rice in our house.

We put rice and water and switch it on. After some time the rice is cooked.

But before there were electric cookers, our mothers used to cook rice by heating on a gas stove.

But we can see that heat is being produced in both cases. In an electric cocker, electricity is converting into heat.

This is because when the electric current is passed through a resistor, heat is produced. This is called the Heating Effect of Electric Current

We can also see this heating effect in an iron box, water heater, hair blower, radiator, geyser, and electric stove, etc..,

Now let's see some examples of heating effects of electric current.

Let's test whether the heating effect is real or not. Let's take a 10cm long nichrome wire and connect it to a battery as shown

After 2 to 5 minutes of time, try to touch the nichrome wire. It will be hot. (note: DON'T BURN YOUR HAND)

From here we can say that whenever an electric current is passed through a resistor, heat is produced.

All these appliances will have a resistor inside as a coil.

We can see that resistor coil in the old electric stoves also.

We can also see this effect in the filament of a bulb. When we switch on the bulb, the filament gets heated and turns red.

We can see the resistor coil in the iron box. Resistors get heated and equally distribute heat around the box.

Just like this, there is a resistor coil in all the other appliances. But what if the heat gets too much??

If a high amount of electric current passes through a wire then it will produce a large amount of heat and burn the wires.

To save the appliances from burning, scientists have invented a FUSE.

Now let's learn about electric fuse.

We add a fuse in series with the appliance. When a high current passes through the circuit the fuse burns first.

When the fuse is melted the circuit becomes open and current will not flow. Remaining appliances will be protected.

Now let's see other types of Fuses.

This is one of the simplest Fuse.

The previous fuses work when the voltage is high. When the voltage is lower, then we use a special type of fuse.

They are called Minature Circuit Breaker(MCB). This is how they look.

They are extremely sensitive to high currents, even in low voltage. They automatically switch off.


When current is passed through a resistor, The resistor is heated. This is called the heating effect of electric current.

This effect is used in making some electrical appliances, like Iron box, electric stove, hair blower, radiator, water heater and geyser.

This effect is used in making an electric fuse. An electric fuse is a device used to protect appliances from high currents.

The electric fuse burns first when high current passes through it and makes the circuit open, thus protecting the appliances.

The fuses that are used in low voltages are Minature Circuit Breakers(MCB).

The end