How Can You Pour Light?

We know that light is very important in our life

Because of Light only we can see everything.

Let's make an illusion that we can pour Light. And do the Experiment.

Let us look at the things that we will need to conduct our experiment

We will need a laser pointer, dettol, bottle with bottom cuff cut off and a cup

Let us conduct the experiment

First we will make a hole in the bottle cap, the reason of which will be clear later

Then we will close the hole with our fingers

And inverting it we will fill it with water

Then we will add dettol to the water

Then we will shine laser light through it making sure the light reaches the hole

Let us turn off the lights and see

Then we will switch off the light while keeping the laser intact

Then we will take the finger away from the hole

It will appear as if red light is being poured into the cup

This is how we can create an illusion of pouring light into a cup


We can create an optical illusion of pouring light into a cup by using some household items like dettol, bottle, cup and a laser light

The End