Human Environment

Every day we see around us buildings, roads, cars, and much more.

These things are made by humans and come under human environment.

A human environment is an area where humans live by utilizing things in the natural environment.

Let us discuss the development of Human Environment

Early humans adapted themselves to their natural surroundings.

Humans also learned many ways to use the environment as per their needs.

They had a simple life and fulfilled their requirements from the nature around them.

As time passed human needs increased.

They learned to grow crops, domesticate animals and lead a settled life.

Slowly, humans produced more food. Then the barter system emerged, and trade developed.

The barter system is the system of exchanging goods with each other instead of using money to get the goods.

When the wheel was invented, transportation became faster.

The development of industries helped in large scale production of goods.

Technology development helped make communication easier and speedy across the world.

Humans have also harmed the natural environment for developing the human environment.

For example, the cutting of trees in the forest for the construction of buildings leads to the destruction of the environment.

And the release of harmful gases like carbon dioxide from industries and vehicles results in the pollution of air.

A human environment without trees and clean air is harmful to the survival of all living beings including humans.

So humans should develop the human environment without damaging the natural environment.

For this, a perfect balance is necessary between the natural and human environment.


The area in which humans live is called the human environment.

Humans interact with the environment and modify it according to their needs.

Human's dependency on nature changed as time went by.

Humans invented new ways of growing crops and also made many tools which made our life easier.

But human beings have also harmed the natural environment to fulfil their need.

To protect the environment a perfect balance is necessary between the natural and human environment.

The End