Identify the subject and object of the verb

Most sentences in English follow a pattern of Subject first, then the verb, and finally the object.

Subject + Verb + Object combine to make basic English sentences.

Let’s understand these basic elements of sentence.

A sentence is a group of words giving a complete thought.

The simplest of English sentences have only a subject and a verb.

Subject + verb Ex : “He Sneezed” , “Snakes crawl”

Subject often describes a person or thing which causes an action. (The do-er)

Verb describes the action the subject performs/does.

Subject of a sentence is usually a Noun or a pronoun. It can also be a Gerund.

A Gerund – A verb that acts as Noun. In the below example “Running” is the Subject

The subject can also be a group of words. “An Orange Car is running”

Another important element of a sentence is the Object. Let’s understand them.

Object is a person or thing that is affected by the action of a verb.

An Object can be from many different word classes (from a single word to a phrase)

Noun “Car” as an object.

The Object might also be a Pronoun. “ME” as an Object ..

The Object of a sentence can also be a Gerund. “Shopping” is the object here.

It’s time for a Quick RECAP

Let’s look at the Simple Example.

In the example, “He is a bicycle.”, “He” is the subject of the verb and “a bicycle” is the object of the verb.

In this story, we identified Subjects and Objects with examples.

Understanding them was pretty simple for us!