Impacts of Non-Cooperation Movement

The protestors were standing right in front of the police station

They have attacked and set fire to the police station not knowing the consequences of their actions

22 constables lost their lives in the fire, this news spread like wildfire throughout the nation

Gandhi on hearing this, called off the Non-Cooperation movement, which was going on successfully

Even though the movement came to an end, it had a huge impact on British as well as Indians.

Impacts of Non-Cooperation Movement

Non-Cooperation Movement, had a huge impact on the British and India, economically, socially, politically.

India was a huge market for British to sell their products

During the Non-Cooperation movement, Indians boycotted all foreign goods

A boycott is refusing usage of goods and services of an organisation or country as a form of protest

This has resulted in losses for many industries in Britain and by 1922 imports of clothes reduced to half

Merchants and traders of India have also restricted from trading British goods

At the same time, textile mills in India boomed as Indians started using more of Swadesi (Indian) goods

This movement had a huge social impact by bringing in various communities of society to protest

During the movement, Hindu and Muslim relations became better, which the British tried to break in past

Untouchability on Dalits was also lifted during this movement, which existed for hundreds of years in India

Women were also uplifted during this time. They were also participating in protests against British.

Politically, the Non-Cooperation movement was huge, as it was spread across the nation

There were certain elections for various posts by the Britishers.

Indians also boycotted these important elections.

Congress party was no longer just another party, it became huge and popular

This movement made Gandhi, a national leader as everyone followed his path of ahimsa (non-violence)

People were also no longer afraid of the British empire, they came to realize that they could achieve independence

That was an important achievement, unifying so many people and giving them hope of freedom.

The End