Importance of water

Let’s learn about the importance of water

In a village, there lived a girl named Sheena who always believed that water is important.

Villagers made fun of her every time she tried to save water.

Yet, Sheena tried to convince everyone to save water.

She suggested different ways to save water but no one listened to her.

But one year, summers were longer as well as hotter and rain was yet to arrive.

Ponds dried, the water level of all Kuan (well) dropped and there was a severe shortage of water.

Sheena reminded villagers that this is why she used to tell everyone to save water.

After a long wait, it rained and villagers were relieved.

However, now they were conscious of the importance of water and its conservation.

Let’s learn a few facts about water

Water is essential for the survival of all living beings. Without water, there exists no life.

80% of the earth is covered with water but less than 2% of it is drinkable.

The human body is about 72% water.

Let us now see a few uses of water

Water is used for drinking.

Water is a valuable natural resource. We can’t afford to waste it.


Water is the most important liquid on Earth.

Water is the basis of the life of all creatures.

Earth is 80% covered with water out of which less than 2% is drinkable water.

Water is used for many purposes like drinking, cooking, washing, etc.

The End