Infer Purpose

We receive information from various different platforms everyday

Some digitally

Others more traditionally

All these pieces of information always have some text on it

This purpose is what determines the format and language of the text

There are many different reasons because of which people write

A text can be written with the intention to persuade or convince someone of something

Like this advertisement

Or it can be for sheer entertainment

Like this comic

At times they can also provide valuable information

Like newspaper articles and reports

Let’s see all the other different types of purposes behind texts

Some texts can explain a concept

While some can argue about an issue

Some just provide us with instructions

While others describe various situations and let you decide what you feel

All these emotions behind texts are brought forth through phrases and lines

These phrases often show the mental state of the author

They make you understand the tone of the sentence

You also find out the type of audience the text will attract through it’s phrases

For eg, with this phrase we know it is probably a children’s book

And this a newspaper article

Let’s revise

There are different texts in the world each with a different purpose

The purpose of the text frames the sentences and phrases

One can understand who the text is for through it’s phrases

That’s all folks!