Introduction to Non-Cooperation Movement

We have heard about Make in India scheme

This was done by PM Narendra Modi to encourage Indian economy.

A similar incident also happened in Indian Independence Struggle.

During the Non-Cooperation Movement, people were encouraged to use swadesi(Indian) goods

But there was more to the movement, it was a movement started to gain independence

But British wasn’t ready to give India independence

So, they decided to protest and launched a movement in order to get what they want

Causes of Non-Cooperation Movement

During the first world war, many Indians were forcefully recruited to fight British’s war

Moreover, taxes in India were increased to meet expenses of the war

As Indians helped with their war, they expected the Britishers would give them independence

But that didn’t happen and moreover they imposed brutal acts such as Rowlatt Act on Indians.

With this law they could arrest anyone without a trial, restrict press etc.

Many protests were held, across the nation, to show their dissatisfaction

One such protest was held at Jallianwala Bagh,where hundreds of people were killed

That act made people very angry across the nation

It completely destroyed the belief in British Justice System

It was during that same time, Muslims also wanted to start a movement

As there was a war between the Caliphate and the European powers and Caliphate lost the war

Caliphate was an Islamic state , whose leader known as Caliph, who was the head of muslim community around the world

Caliphate lost the war to other european powers,among those powers was British

They have decided to cease power of the Caliphate and establish democracy

So muslims decided to start a movement known as Khilafat to convince British to not cease power of Caliphate

Non-Cooperation Movement

Gandhi thought that this was the time he could bring Hindus and Muslims together and unite them

They would fight for independence as well as support the Khilafat movement

On 1st August 1920, Gandhi started the Non-Cooperation Movement

In this movement, people were asked to return their titles and resign from their posts in British Offices

The students were asked to avoid British schools and colleges

People were encouraged to boycott, all British goods and start using Indian goods

Boycott means avoiding using certain goods or services as a protest

People have also been told to, boycott participating in elections and not take part in government

With those goals, Gandhi launched a full fledged Non-Cooperation movement

The goal was to conduct this movement in a peaceful manner

Gandhi thought that if if this movement wouldn’t give results then they would launch a civil disobedience movement

Non cooperation spread all over the country and all of them were participating very effectively in the movement

But in Chauri chaura, Uttar Pradesh, things got violent. Here, a police station was burnt down

In that incident 22 policemen died. This disturbed Gandhi very much and he called off the movement

Cancelling the movement dissatisfied many congress leaders

But gandhi thought that people weren’t ready for peaceful protests

One violent moment brought the movement to an end, and didn’t achieve its goal of independence

The End

They have decided to cease power of the Caliphate and establish democracy