Khilafat Movement

Everyone has a favourite teacher in school

If the teacher is removed from the school then the students would protest

Similar to that teacher,there was one head of islam community, known as Caliph

After the first world war, Caliphate(Islamic state) lost to the British

It was decided that Caliphate would be dissolved and this made the muslims around the world very angry

During this time British were ruling in India. Muslims in India decided to start a movement

A movement which would convince British to not dissolve the Caliphate

A Khilafat committee was made in 1919 in Mumbai(Bombay) to defend the Caliphate

They were able to bring together the Muslims to start a movement

But they decided that when large number of people including Hindus too joined, the movement would make impact

Muhammad Ali and Shaukat Ali, who were the muslim leaders met Gandhi regarding the movement

During that same time , majority of population was dissatisfied with British

As British didn’t give them independence after the World War I which they expected.

Along with that, hundreds of people were massacred in Amritsar for protesting against British

This deeply hurt Indian’s emotions and made them very angry

Gandhi too thought this would bring together Muslims and Hindus

Shaukat Ali and Gandhi went across the nation to get the support of people

After they got the support, they collaborated

Finally, on 1st August 1920, Non-Cooperation Movement was launched in collaboration with Khilafat Committee

This movement has encouraged people to not cooperate with British at any level

People resigned from jobs, boycotted British goods, and returned titles etc

Boycott means avoiding using certain goods or services as a protest

This movement went on for 2 years from 1920-1922

It came to an end when, violence broke out in Chauri Chaura town

Khilafat leaders were angry when the movement was called off

This was because the movement was going great and was suddenly cancelled because of just one incident

Not only national, but international situation was also not favourable to khilafat leaders

In 1922, turks themselves abolished the turkish empire setup democracy and by 1924 Caliph system came to an end

Even though Non-Cooperation movement came to an end in 1922, Khilafat movement continued

This also came to an end in 1924 because what they were fighting for, didn’t exist anymore

Though both the movements failed, bringing together people at large scale could be considered an achievement

The End