Life of Tribal Group

Skyview Society has organised an event on its foundation day. Rinku, Tony, Pinky, Rina and all their friends decided to stage a play.

They recently learned about the life of tribal people in their school and decided to tell about their unique lifestyle to other people also.

People only know that Tribals are the people, who live in forest and spend their life in the Jungle.

But children portrayed the life of tribals in their play in such a way that people understood everything about them.

Let’s know about the Life of Tribal Groups

Life of Tribal groups is needed to be considered from ancient times in India.

There are four types of living styles that were preferred by Tribal Groups.

Let’s understand the Jhum cultivation

Some Tribals were jhum cultivators. It stands for shifting cultivation.

These cultivators take a small patch of land and cut the treetops and burn the land. It is also known as slash and burn.

They used axes to cut the trees. They spread the seeds and ashes for better farming.

The shifting cultivators were located in the hilly and forested areas of North-East and central India. They use to move freely within the forests.

Let’s get the details of hunters and gatherers

Next were the hunters and gatherers.They went for hunting in the jungle and then divided the hunted meat.

They also collected the fruits and roots from the forest for their survival along with hunted meat.

They cooked food with oil of Sal and Mahua and use forest shrubs and herbs for medicinal purposes.

They also sell flowers and leather to weavers and leather workers and in return get money or the things they want.

Let’s know about the animal herders among the Tribals

Some tribal groups herded animals. Some of them were the Van Gujjars of the Punjab hills and Labadis of Andhra Pradesh.

They moved with their herd of cattle or sheep, on the basis of seasons.

Now let’s move to the settled cultivators

There were some groups, who chose settled cultivation. Instead of moving from one place to another, they picked a piece of land to live.

some people within the tribal group got more power than others, some became chiefs and others followers.

British encouraged settled cultivation because they thought that settled tribal groups are more civilised and those who live in forest are wild.


Tribal Groups are the people of forest because they spend their life in forest and most of their needs are fulfilled by forest products.

There were around four classification of Tribal Groups, jhum cultivators, hunters and gatherers, animal herders and settled cultivators.

The Jhum Cultivators were involved in clearing and cultivating the lands. They spread seeds and ashes for better growth of crops.

The hunters and gatherers were involved in hunting the animals and sharing the meats together.

Some Tribal Groups were animal herders. They were involved in herding the animals. The other Tribal Group were the settled cultivators.

The End