Major Seasons of India

Some months in a year, we find that it is very hot and so we feel like eating or drinking cold things.

And some other months, we find that it is very cold and we feel like eating or drinking hot things.

This is because of the change of seasons in the place we are living in.

The season is a particular weather pattern noticed for some months due to the position of the earth with respect to the Sun.

In India, there are 4 major seasons: Winter, Summer, Rainy, and Autumn.

Let us discuss these seasons one by one.

Winter Season

Winter in India extends from December to February. During these months, the Sun's rays do not fall directly in India.

That's why the weather in the Winter is so cool. So Winter is called a cold-weather season.

During winter, temperatures are quite low in northern India compare to Southern India.

Summer Season

Summer in India extends from March to May. During these months, the sun's rays fall directly in India.

So the weather in the Summer is very hot and it is called the hot weather season.

During the day in the summer, dry winds called 'loo' blow.

People drink delicious cool drinks called Sharbat made from fruits available in their regions.

They are excellent thirst-quenchers and protect our bodies from the ill-effect of the harsh ‘loo’.

Rainy Season

Rainy season in India extends from June to September. During these months, rain falls, marking the coming of monsoon to India.

During the Rainy season, the winds blow from the Arabian Sea and Bay of Bengal towards the land.

These winds carry water with them, and when these winds strike the mountains, rainfall occurs.

The rainy season is also called South West Monsoon in India as winds carry moisture from the southwest of India.

Autumn Season

The Autumn season in India extends from October to November.

During these months, winds blow from the mainland to the Bay of Bengal.

The southern parts of India, particularly Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh receive rainfall in this season.

So the Autumn season is also called Season of Returning monsoon.


In India, there are 4 major seasons: Winter, Summer, Rainy, and Autumn.

The End