More About Natural Disasters.

Disasters can occur at any time and in any form.

We should be prepared to face such a situation.

Let's look at some natural disasters taking place around us.

Floods are natural disasters that can be devastating.

A flood is an overflow of water that submerges a land that is usually dry.

Floods can happen during heavy rains or when ocean waves come on shore or when dams break.

Floods causes damage to life and property.

Drought is another natural disaster that causes great damage to life.

Drought is shortage of water for a long period of time.

It occurs mainly because of insufficient rainfall.

Water bodies such as rivers, lakes, ponds also dry out and this leads to the death of many animals.

Plants die during drought and this causes shortage of food for animals and humans.

Situation of extreme scarcity of food is called famine.

Such situation can even cause death.

It is important to help people after such disasters.

We can help the victims by distributing food and clean water.

In order to overcome the damage caused by disaster, we should start the repair work.

We can also help by donating money, food or clothes.

Let's recap.

Here we learned about different natural disasters such as floods, drought, and famine.

Disaster cause great damage.

People should come together to rebuild and restart the life.

The end.