Nature of Image Formed by Plane Mirror

When ever we stand in front of a mirror, what do we see ??

We see our image in the mirror. Isn't it!!

The image is exactly identical to us.When we move, our image also moves accordingly.

We see these images everyday, but do we understand their features?

Let us study more about the images formed by plane mirrors

Firstly, the image formed by a plane mirror is as it appears to form inside the mirror, and cannot be obtained on a screen.

Secondly, if we look at our image, we will notice that the image is upright just like us. Such upright images are called images.

There are other mirrors which form upside-down images. Such images are called images.

We have to keep in mind that plane mirrors always form erect images and never forms inverted images.

Not only that, the size of the image is always the same as the size of object.

If your height is 4 feet, then the height of your image will also be 4 feet.

But when we raise our right hand in-front of a mirror, what can we see ?? The image raises it's left hand.

And when we raise our left hand... the image raises it's right hand.

This is the main difference between the image formed in a plane mirror and the object.

The images formed in a plane mirror, follow a , i.e, our right becomes images left and vice-versa.

When images follow a left-right reversal, those images are called - .

Now suppose, if we move towards the mirror, what will we see?

The image also moves towards the mirror. And when we move away from the mirror, the image will also move away from it.

If we stand just 4 feet in-front of the mirror, then the image will also stand the same distance behind the mirror. Interesting isn't it !!

So we can say - " the image distance is same as the object distance in a plane mirror " .

But how to prove this? For this, all we need is a chess board and any chess piece ( let us take the King ).

Then, we have to place the board at the edge of the plane mirror. The image of the king along with the chessboard forms in the mirror.

Now us place the king seven squares in-front of the mirror.

If we look carefully, the image of the king is also just seven squares behind the mirror.

If we check it for any other position we will get the same result. This shows that the object and the image distances for a plane mirror are equal.

So, isn't there a lot of similarities and also a few differences between objects and images, in a plane mirror?

Let's have a quick REVISION

Image formed in the mirror is virtual always erect/upright of same size as object.

Image formed is at the same distance as that of the object, and is formed behind the mirror.

And images formed in the plane mirror are always laterally inverted.

That's all for today ! Keep exploring :)