Oxoacids of Sulphur

In the upper atmosphere of Venus, sulphuric acid occurs naturally!

Sulphuric acid is actually an oxoacid of sulphur.

We know that sulphuric acid is highly corrosive and dangerous to handle in laboratories.

But with due care its utilisation is quite possible.

Further, Sulphur is known to form a number of oxoacids.

Out of which some oxoacids we shall be seeing now.

First we have , commonly called the Sulphurous acid.

Then the very common which is our Sulphuric acid.

A very common mistake we all make is between sulphurous acid and sulphuric acid.

So let us have a look at their differences:

The others include: (thiosulphuric acid), (dithionus acid), (disulphurous acid), ( x= 2 to 5)

There are a few more like: (pyrosulphuric acid)- Oleum (peroxymonosulphuric acid), (peroxodisulphurous acid)

(pyrosulphuric acid)- Oleum has the following structure:

While (peroxodisulphurous acid) has this structure:

But some of these acids are unstable.

And hence, they cannot be isolated.

As a result they exist in aqueous solution or in the form of their salts.


Sulphur is known to form a number of oxoacids.

Let us have a look at them:

The End.