Ozone Layer Depletion

There are different layers of the atmosphere.

Different layers such as troposphere, stratosphere, mesosphere, thermosphere, and exosphere.

They are divided based on their temperature.

The closest layer near the earth’s surface is the troposphere.

This layer has the presence of the ozone layer which is known as bad ozone. It is a pollutant in this layer.

Whereas the stratosphere present below this layer also has the ozone layer.

This ozone layer is a good ozone layer.

This protects the atmosphere from the radiation emitted from the sun.

The protective layer of the atmosphere.

The ozone layer present in the stratosphere is a protective layer.

It is a sheath that prevents the UV rays from the sun to enter the atmosphere.

Uv rays is harmful rays which causes cancer.

This layer was discovered by scientist Charles Fabry.

This layer has a presence of the ozone molecules called O3.

This is not present in the atmosphere.

Almost 90% of the ozone molecules are present in this layer which helps in protection.

The continuous depletion of the ozone layer.

Due to depletion of the ozone layer there is a formation of holes in them.

These are letting the UV rays to enter inside.

The main reason for the ozone layer depletion are chemicals such as chlorofluorocarbon (CFC) emitted from the refrigerator, AC, etc, then other chemicals like halon, methylbromide.

These chemicals remove the oxygen from the triatomic ozone and make it diatomic.

The diatomic has no capacity to protect the atmosphere from the UV rays.

When these chemicals are continuous in contact with the ozone layer this leads to the formation of holes.


Ozone is the protective layer present between the troposphere and stratosphere of the atmosphere.

Ozone molecule is made up of three atoms of oxygen.

Ozone layer doesn't allow the harmful UV rays to enter the earth's surface.

But the ozone layer is getting depleted due to the CFCs and other chemical pollutants entering the atmosphere.

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