Problem-based on Energy of Capacitor - I

The camera is part of our life that capture the beautiful moment.

We all are familiar with camera, It is used to click the photo.

In the night we use flash in the camera to get a clear image.

A photoflash capacitor is an electrolytic capacitor used in flash cameras.

Their usual purpose is to power a high-voltage flash tube, used to illuminate a photographic subject.

And capacitors are also used in the various device like TV, radio, smartphone, electric fan and many places.

It stores energy in the form of the electric field between its plate.

The energy stored in a capacitor can be expressed in terms of the work done by the battery.

It is calculated by the formula.

Next, we will solve a problem based on the energy of the capacitor.

Let's solve a problem based on the energy of the capacitor.

Suppose, we have a parallel plate capacitor.

And each plate of the capacitor has an area of each and are separated by .

Now, the capacitor is charged by connecting it to a supply.

Now, we need to find electrostatic energy stored by the capacitor.

The capacitance of the capacitor is given by the relation,

The area of plates of the parallel plate capacitor is written as,

And the distance between the plates is,

here, we put the value of , and .

We get Capacitance .

Electrostatic energy stored in the capacitor is given by,

Now, in the above equation, we put the value of Capacitance and Voltage .

Hence, we get the electrostatic energy is stored by capacitor .


Formula to find energy stored in the capacitor.

Formula to find capacitance in the capacitor when area and distance between plates are given.

The End