Problem on magnetic dipoles

We all are familiar with a bar magnet.

A bar magnet attracts the tiny pieces of metals.

The arrangement of two magnetic poles is called the magnetic dipole. So, the magnetic dipole is on every magnet.

Now, the magnetic strength on each pole will be the same. Let, be the magnetic strength.

And the distance between the two poles is .

Hence, the magnetic dipole moment will be as,

And when we kept a magnet in a magnetic field (). Then, a torque will act on the separate poles.

The torque is calculated as,

Now, we will solve a problem based on this concept.

Let's take a problem based on magnetic dipoles.

Suppose we have a magnet of the dipole moment and the magnetic length is .

The magnet makes an angle of with the magnetic field and the magnetic field is .

Now, we need to find the torque () acting on the poles and the magnetic strength ().

The given data is as,

As the torque () is,

So, after putting the values, we get,

Hence, the torque on the poles will be .

Now, let's find the pole strength of the magnet.

The pole strength of a magnet is calculated by the,

Now, after putting the values, we get,

Hence, the pole strength of each pole will be as,

Hence, we can easily solve the problem based on the magnetic dipole.

The End