Reflection Due to Bending of Light

Whenever we look into a mirror

We see an image of ourselves behind the mirror

Not just mirrors, images are formed by most shiny and polished surfaces

Let's see how images are formed on these shiny surfaces.

When we are standing in front of the mirror, the light rays from us travel towards the mirror.

These light rays are bounced back by the mirror. So here mirror changes the direction of light that falls on it.

We call this change of direction of light by the mirror the reflection of light.

When we extend these reflected light rays into the mirror, they form the image.

Thus the reflected rays when extended into the mirror form the image and to us, it looks like the light rays are directly coming from the image itself.

So we can say that it's because of the reflection of light that images are formed.

Let's discuss more about Reflection of Light

Reflection of light is one of the most important properties of light .

It tells us about how light interacts with different surfaces like mirrors

We can even study the reflection of light practically and observe it.

Let's take a torch and cover its glass with a chart paper which has three narrow slits as shown

This light from the slits travels towards the mirror, strikes the mirror and bounces back

So here we can observe the reflection of light and the direction in which it is reflected.

If we look into the mirror along the direction of the reflected light. We can see the image of the slits in the mirror.

So we can conclude that mirrors cause the bending of light and change the direction of light and we call this the reflection of light


Mirrors change the direction of light that falls on it and this change of direction by a mirror is called reflection of light.

The End